A few years ago I decided to take my cell phone business online and I bought a domain name and hosting package so I could launch a website that sells cell phones online. Thereafter I stated to learn how to design a website, because I did not want to spend a lot of money paying a professional web designer to do it for me.

About a month a half later, I had the most beautiful website I had ever seen designed and I launched it with the hopes of doubling my income from the cell phone store I own in downtown. However, I was very disappointed to learn, in the following days, that the fact that I did a search engine submission of my site to major search engines had resulted in very little traffic for my site.

Given the fact that I was relatively new to the online business industry, I knew nothing about search engine placement back then and had no clue what I needed to do to get more traffic to my website. I first thought of putting a commercial on the local cable networks, but that was going to be too costly.

Therefore, I started asking friends I had who were also involved with online business, and they all agreed that I needed a professional website promotion plan if I wanted get more visitors to my site; and when I asked them to be more specific with their advice they all said that I needed to hire a professional search engine placement company, to help me improve search engine ranking.

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